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SERVPRO Air Movers

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Air Movers SERVPRO has trained technicians that follow protocol to help make it “Like it never even happened” Call SERVPRO of Woodland Hills at 818-882-4556

“Floor drying fans”, “Industrial air blower” and “Commercial blower fans” are all other names for Air Movers. We use air movers in water restoration to enhance the evaporation at the surface level and help lower drying time. Air movers introduce air flow at the surface level and helps enhance evaporation. SERVPRO of Woodland Hills have technicians that are trained to know how many air movers they will need to place to help dry out the affected materials. Out technicians can position the air movers to create a vortex of circular airflow around the walls to help dry out multiple wet walls or even wet drywall behind baseboards.  Our technicians can position air movers for the best possible outcome. SERVPRO air movers are an essential mitigation tool to help restore flood and water damage. 

Commercial Property Response Time

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Building Loss If your property is affected make sure to call SERVPRO of Woodland Hills to help you restore your property. 818-882-4556

Damage to your property can come in all shapes and sizes so it is crucial that your commercial property and staff are prepared for any size disaster like water or fire damage. SERVPRO of Woodland Hills has 26 years of experience helping property owners when any damage occurs. We have technicians on call 24/7 to ensure that we will be onsite to your property within hours.

Fast response is a critical factor in being able to restore water damaged materials. Water and moisture sitting in your property means more time for materials to soak up water and break down material structure. We have the specialized equipment, advanced training, and experience to restore any commercial water loss to preloss condition with minimal disruption to your employees and customers.

What to do With Belongings After a Fire

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damage to Home SERVPRO of Woodland Hills 818-882-4556

After a fire, our goal, at SERVPRO of Woodland Hills, is to restore and save as many of your belongings as possible. After a fire some of your belongings could be salvaged but there are some that should be disposed of after a fire. It is important to carefully consider what should be kept and what should be discarded. When certain materials are exposed to high temperatures, they release chemicals, including:


      2. Nonorganic Fibers

      3. Wiring

 You should dispose of anything you plan on putting in or onto your body. Items such as medicine, makeup and toiletries should always be replaced. This means you should get rid of most foods, items in plastic containers, and anything containing harmful chemicals.  When dealing with fire damage, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a professional fire remediation company like SERVPRO of Woodland Hills is always recommended when navigating these kinds of decisions.

Protect Your Family In a Wildfire

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damage to Exterior of Home If a fire occurs in your home or office, SERVPRO Woodland Hills is ready to help! Call us at 818-882-4556

Household fires are way more common than you think. Did you know average number of residential fires each year is 374,000? Fire can get out of control and cause injuries and even death. It is import for your family to have a plan to practice.

The Many Potential Causes of Household Fires:

- Cooking is the top leading cause of household fire.

- The next comes faulty heating systems.

- The third most likely cause of household fires is an electrical malfunction.

- The fourth most common cause is open flames in or around the house.

Evacuation Plan

You should always have an escape plan. Everyone should be aware of the plan, and have a common meeting place that is a safe distance from the building.  Try to schedule practice so that no one is confused in case of an emergency.

Accessible Fire Extinguisher

Because you never know when a hazardous situation could occur you must gave a fire extinguisher in an easy to access place.

California Flooding In Woodland Hills

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

We are faster to ANY size disaster. Call SERVPRO of Woodland Hills for help today. 818-882-4556


Heavy rains could fill rivers and streams, bringing flooding to the area. If your home in Woodland Hills is threatened with the possibility of flooding, here are some things you should do:

-Be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. When a flood or flash flood warning is issued for your area, head for higher ground and stay there.

-Stay away from floodwaters.

-If you come upon a flooded road while driving, turn around and go another way. If you are caught on a flooded road and waters are rising rapidly around you, get out of the car quickly and move to higher ground. Most cars can be swept away by less than two feet of moving water.

-Keep children out of the water.

-Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood danger.

DOWNLOAD EMERGENCY People should download the free Red Cross Emergency App to receive emergency alerts and information about what to do in case of tornadoes, flooding and other disasters, as well as locations of shelters. The App also includes emergency first aid information and a Family Safe feature which allows people to instantly see if loved ones are okay. The free Emergency App is available in app stores by searching for the American Red Cross or going to

Prevent Fire in Your Woodland Hills Apartment

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO FIRE Give our Woodland Hills team a call at 818-882-4556

Apartment Fire

How to Help Prevent

California Fires are frightening for everyone, but living in an apartment the fear is greater and the risks are more present. Living in close proximity to others it is impossible to control what they are doing, but there are steps you can take to make yourself more prepared. 

Test fire alarms and change fire alarm batteries frequently- Check the test button on your fire alarms monthly to ensure they are working properly. If you cannot replace them yourself contact your landlord or super as soon as possible.

Blow out candles- Never leave a lit candle unattended, always blow them out before leaving even for a few minutes.

Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen- Most fires begin in the kitchen, make sure to keep an up to date fire extinguisher rated for grease and kitchen fires. 

Keep it clean- Make sure you avoid clutter in the way of exits as well as near any heat sources as this can feed a potential fire

Do not overload outlets- Make sure you do not keep too many things plugged into your outlets. Electrical fires can occur while you are not home.

Plan how to get out- Make an escape plan for you and anyone else living in your apartment, plan ahead to get you and your family out. 

Be aware- Finally, if you smell smoke coming from another unit call your landlord immediately, and if necessary dial 911.

Water Damage in Woodland Hills Home - SERVPRO of Woodland Hills

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold on drywall For any questions regarding water damage, mold mitigation, or cleanup services please call us at 818-882-4556 today!

When a water damage occurs often moisture causes baseboard separation from walls. This is an indication that there could be water damage affecting your wall and the wall cavity inside. Sometimes the water damage loss is caused by broken pipes, condensation from A/C, broken  appliance lines, etc.

In most water losses, saturated drywall becomes soft and no longer holds the nails in place. When this occurs, the baseboards are removed from the wall and inspected for mold growth then left off to dry. SERVPRO might drill holes in the drywall under the baseboard line or, drywall may be cut to remove the affected drywall and expose the framing. The framing will then be properly dried using specialty air movers before the drywall is replaced.

SERVPRO of Woodland Hills is IICRC certified in mold removal and applied structural drying. We have 26 years of experience in helping our customers make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration in Woodland Hills

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

charred wall cavity SERVPRO of Woodland Hills is here to help 24/7/365.  818-882-4556

Dealing with a fire loss in Woodland Hills.CA can be one of the most difficult things to a homeowner may experience. Having to deal with fire damage restoration can be overwhelming.  SERVPRO of Woodland Hills can help.

We work with your insurance company on your behalf to make sure they have all the details they need to complete your claim efficiently. We also communicate with you so you are 100% informed and know that you are being taken care of.

Relocating your family can be difficult and traumatic. SERVPRO offers pack out services  to inventory and store your belongings for restoration. We create detailed inventory lists with photos to keep track of all your contents.  We can also restore many items to as close to preloss condition.

We have done this for 26 successful years.  

 Check out the National Fire Protection Association on ways to be prepared.

Storm Damage Restoration in Woodland Hills, CA

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

Infrared camera aimed at water damage in garage Call SERVPRO of Woodland Hills to rectify any water loss you encounter. 818-882-4556

SERVPRO of Woodland Hills recently serviced a  home with storm water removal needs. Here the homeowner cleaned and dried what they thought was all the floodwater that entered their home. However, later on, a musty odor remained and they called us for help. Situations like this are not uncommon with DIY flood and water damage cleanup.  

If storm, flood or water damage happens in your Woodland Hills home, immediate water removal saves both your house and bank account from dealing with bigger, and more complicated issues. One common mistake that home owners make is to assume because surfaces look dry, that they are.  This is rarely true.

Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians use advanced moisture detection equipment to locate  moisture anywhere it migrates to. Our technicians use infrared cameras to scope behind walls and under flooring and determine the path of water.  We also ensure we eliminate excess moisture through the removal of baseboards and other structural components for maximum airflow.

Storm Season Woodland Hills, CA- Tips to be Prepared for Disaster

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

What to do after a storm blog  image Southern California Storms are Coming! Call SERVPRO to help you recover. 818-882-4556

The aftermath of a major Southern California rainstorm can be overwhelming and stressful. Your personal safety and the safety of loved ones would naturally come first, however, after everyone is safe, what are the next steps? The 24-hour emergency response team at SERVPRO of Woodland Hills, CA recommends that home and business owners alike take these 5 steps right after a disaster event to help speed up the restoration process.

  1.   Safety Concerns - Disconnect any electrical devices that may have been damaged by water. Look for broken glass, and be sure to wear shoes for protection. 
  2.   Call a Storm Damage Restoration Company - After a major disaster, Woodland Hills restoration companies book up very quickly. The sooner an appointment is made, the faster the restoration process can get started. (Moving quickly is vital to prevent more extensive damage). 
  3.   Prevent Further Damage - Check for any active leaks. For plumbing leaks, turn off the water. For roof damage, place something under the leak to catch as much water as possible. 
  4. Document the Damage - A record of the damages will be very important during the insurance claims process. SERVPRO can help with this!
  5. File a Claim - Beginning the insurance claim process is the next step, especially if your home is uninhabitable. Most home insurance policies cover the cost of a home rental during the restoration process. Check your policy or call your agent to make sure.

SERVPRO of Woodland Hills is a family & locally owned storm, fire, and water restoration company with the resources of a national franchise behind them. They’ve served Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Reseda, and surrounding areas for over 26 years.